About Author Barbara Lampert

My passion is dogs. I really do love them all. For me, they are the magic on this planet. I see one, and something happens to me inside. They warm my heart, make me smile. Iíve had dogs most of my life and hope to have at least one by my side always. I love other peopleís dogs too. If I could, Iíd have a farm full of dogs. My life style just doesnít allow for that, but I can always dream. Dog energy is the best!

charlie as a puppy

Iím a psychotherapist, a Marriage Family Therapist, and I specialize in relationships. While I was preparing to take my licensing exam, my beautiful Charlie came into my life. He was thirteen weeks old and, like a typical Golden Retriever puppy, did not stop moving and was the cutest little bundle. I already had two dogs Ė another Golden and an Afghan Hound Ė so the house was bustling.

author's dog simonIíve been working as a licensed psychotherapist for over twenty years, though actually Iíve been listening to and helping people (informally, of course) for a lot longer than that. For me, itís my natural calling. I canít even imagine doing any other work. It makes me feel good to help someone solve the riddles Ė or whatever you want to call them Ė of their lives. I love my work and hope to keep doing it forever.

Before becoming a psychotherapist, I held many different kinds of jobs, mostly to put myself through school. I loved school, so much so that I collected two mastersí degrees Ė in psychology and sociology Ė and a doctorate in medical sociology. I worked as a flight attendant for United Airlines for nine years, which made it possible for me to travel the world. After Iíd been a flight attendant for about three years, a soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend gave me a dog as a Christmas present. Simon, a Cairn Terrier mix. I think the boyfriend thought that giving me the dog might keep us Ė the boyfriend and me Ė together. But it had the opposite effect. I was so enamored with Simon that it became easy to break up with the boyfriend, finally. Weíd been breaking up for about a year.

author's husband davidAfter twelve years of living in San Francisco, Simon and I moved to Malibu, California (Iím originally from West Los Angeles). We lived in an apartment right on the beach while I continued working on my Ph.D. It was there that I met David, whom I would eventually marry. One of the first things David and I found that we had in common was our love of dogs.

Gardening is also a love of mine. Iíve landscaped our property, which is on almost an acre, and until recently have watered it by hand. Though now we have a new irrigation system, which is a welcome relief. I see my garden as a work of art and garden as much as possible in my free time. Iíve had no formal training, but I seem to know what Iím doing. I think I got my green thumb from my mother, who also was an avid gardener.

I love being in nature. The miracle of growth, the changing landscape, the beauty. Gardening brings me such satisfaction and peace of mind.


I still live in Malibu, David and I are still married (28 years!), and now we live with Harry, our six-year-old Golden. Lately Iíve been thinking that Harry needs a friend, and I want more dogs, so who knows whoís next.

harry the golden retreiver