Golden Retrievers Are the Best Family Dogs!

There are so many dogs that might be considered the best family dogs. Which breed you consider best for your family depends on what you’re looking for. For me, when I think of the best family dogs, I think of Golden Retrievers. And when I think of the best of the best family dogs I’ve ever had, I think of my Golden Retriever, Charlie. My book Charlie: A Love Story is all about him and our deep relationship, and what a perfect family dog he was. Although Charlie was extremely devoted to me and also loved his whole family, he engaged beautifully with any dog we brought into our home. You can find out more about Charlie: A Love Story, by clicking on the following link:

So what are the characteristics of the Golden Retriever that make them the best family dogs? Like many other breeds, they’re smart, playful, energetic, enthusiastic, and affectionate. What sets them apart is that their emotional intelligence is extremely high, which makes them very sensitive to people – they’re the most empathic breed I’ve known, and this quality alone makes them the best family dogs. They love people, and they also love other dogs. And although I don’t have children, I know that this magnificent breed loves them and can be trusted with them. After I got my first Golden over twenty years ago, I was hooked. For me, Goldens clearly are the best family dogs.

I have loved all my dogs dearly, and I love other dogs, too. I’m just one of those dog people. It’s just that when I’m with a Golden Retriever, the whole world seems better: they make me smile, and they warm my heart. In Charlie: A Love Story, this happens on a regular basis. My Goldens have given me the feeling of being part of a loving, real family. This probably is the key reason I think of Goldens as the best family dogs. I wish you the best in your search for your number one family dog.