Charlie: A Love Story, a valentine to a special Golden Retriever, is pure magic. From the moment you meet Charlie and Barbara in her garden, you’ll be captivated. Here is a story you’ll never forget. This lovely book is destined to become a classic.

– Arthur Vanderbilt, award-winning author of Golden Days: Memories of a Golden Retriever

“It is a great relief to read a memoir that does not involve some kind of confession regarding the numerous ways people find to screw up their lives. Charlie: A Love Storyis for anyone who has ever loved a dog and been loved in return. Lampert is a psychotherapist, and the best therapy in her life is her Golden Retriever, Charlie. He inspired the author as he overcame numerous health problems, exhibiting a zest for life and courage…This is a short, wonderful read.”

− Alan Caruba, Bookviews, February 2012

Charlie: A Love Storyis absolutely beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Charlie was truly an astonishing dog. I can think of few people as aware of the capacity for love in other animals as Barbara. She has captured the love of a dog faithfully and fully.”

– Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of The Dog Who Couldn't Stop Lovingand the bestselling
Dogs Never Lie About Love.

Charlie had a special glow, energy, strength that most of us wish we had in times of illness, strife and stress… He truly lived his to the fullest. As you read this journal you will hear Charlie’s bark, his voice, see him hug and his affection for Barbara on each and every page of this outstanding memoir, journal and diary to this dog who will live in her heart and her life forever.

Charlie is now a part of more than just your life Barbara, many others and mine who will read his story.

Told with love, vividly describing and sharing her emotional journey from start to finish, the story embraces the reader from the first page until the very last.

− Fran Lewis, Goodreads, January 2012

“In this very heartfelt, special book, Barbara captures Charlie’s character and their relationship with clarity and immediacy. This is a tender yet very real story of the love and devotion of a dog and his master equally beloved of each other, a story I think will always be remembered.”

– Robert Olds, DVM, from the foreword to Charlie: A Love Story

Charlie: A Love Storystarted out as a gardening journal but soon became a day-to-day account of the unique friendship between Barbara and Charlie… Your heartstrings will be pulled by this once-in-a-lifetime relationship.”

– The Malibu Times, January 26, 2012