Are There Ever Enough Books About Dogs?

There are so many books about dogs these days. But I think you just can’t have enough books about dogs, in particular stories about dogs. I just love dog stories. I guess that’s because I just love dogs. All kinds of dogs, but especially Golden Retrievers. So guess what? I’ve added to the collection of books about dogs with one of my own, Charlie: A Love Story, about one of my magnificent Golden Retrievers, Charlie. I didn’t start out writing a book about Charlie, but it just turned out that way.

Charlie’s story evolved out of my gardening journal, which I was keeping as I was landscaping my property in Malibu, California. When he was eleven years old, he started having some health problems, and I found that writing about him in my journal was comforting. So my gardening journal became less and less about gardening and more and more about Charlie, until it was clear that I was telling his story.

As I watched him deal with his health challenges, his attitude toward life so inspired me. I couldn’t stop writing about him – I know now he was my muse. He and I had always been extremely close, and writing about him seemed to be another way to share that closeness.

So now I’ve contributed to the plethora of books about dogs. But I think Charlie: A Love Story is very different from the other books about dogs, particularly the other dog stories I’ve read. Because it’s in journal form, it’s pretty much uncensored. And it’s an immediate and intimate look at our relationship. I’m a psychotherapist who specializes in relationships, and Charlie and I had one of the best I’ve had or have ever heard of. Also, Charlie: A Love Story is about his later years, and I think older dogs just don’t get enough attention. And his story takes a good, close look at his wonderful character: a strong, unforgettable character that I think will linger in a reader’s mind. After you read Charlie: A Love Story, I think you’ll agree.

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