Books on Dogs – Here’s One About The Golden Years

From my point of view, there can’t be too many books on dogs. Dogs have been, are, and will continue to be a passion of mine. And so, in keeping with my feelings about books on dogs, I’ve written one of my own, Charlie: A Love Story. It’s a dog memoir about one of my Golden Retrievers, Charlie. Yes, I know there are so many dog memoirs, and every author believes his or hers is different. But mine really is different, in a number of ways.

Charlie: A Love Story actually emerged out of a journal I was keeping. And so that story is immediate and mostly uncensored. And unlike most books on dogs, which usually begin when the dog is a puppy, Charlie: A Love Story begins when he’s eleven and is about the relationship between Charlie and me – the deep bond we had, and how that bond served each of us, with our different needs. So, unlike most of the books on dogs, particularly the dog memoirs in which puppyhood is celebrated and is the focus of the story, the celebration in Charlie’s story is about his later years and what a magnificent being he became – stable, solid, dignified and wise. And a great companion, buddy, confidante.

My hope is that Charlie: A Love Story contributes something quite different than most of the books on dogs. As an older dog, Charlie had so much to give and teach. Some of my best times with and fondest memories of Charlie occurred during his later years. While he got older and slower, it never ceased to amaze me how often I saw that puppy face, that face I had to have when I brought him home at thirteen weeks.

So I hope my contribution to the already numerous books on dogs will support and encourage all dog owners with an older dog. I also hope that the growing number of books on dogs, particularly dog memoirs, will begin to include many more stories about these older, wiser, beautiful beings. Their later years make for wonderful stories. Those years are rich.

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