Never Enough Dog Books, So Here’s Another One

I love all kinds of dog books. That’s because I just love dogs – all dogs – particularly my favorite breed, the Golden Retriever. And the dog books I love the most are dog stories; in fact, I’ve just written one of my own, a memoir called Charlie: A Love Story.

It’s about Charlie’s long and beautiful life, particularly his later years. It’s about his endearing ways, his strong character, his fight with melanoma, how I and my family helped him in that, the decisions we made, and how we made them. And it’s about our life together, our profound love, our once-in-a-lifetime connection. And about all that Charlie did for me and all I did for him. I couldn’t do enough for Charlie.

Charlie: A Love Story is very different than all the dog stories I’ve read. Because it’s in the form of a journal, it’s in-the-moment, direct, and open. And as a psychotherapist specializing in relationships, I really wanted to tell the story about the great and deep relationship between Charlie and me. More than most people, Charlie knew what to do to build and maintain a great relationship. He had an abundance of that key ingredient: empathy. It ran like a vibrant thread through his entire being, more than most dogs.

You can find out more about Charlie: A Love Story by clicking on the following link:

I think Charlie: A Love Story is one of those dogs books that will appeal to anyone who loves or has loved their dog deeply. Just as I’ve celebrated my relationship with Charlie, I’m hoping that you’ll celebrate your relationship with your dog. Life’s short, and great relationships don’t come around that often. Cherish them when they do.

So now I’ve happily added to the plethora of dog books. I don’t think I could have written about a more magnificent dog. I hope you enjoy reading Charlie: A Love Story as much as I enjoyed writing it.