Here’s My Dog Memoir

When you love a dog so much and you have to write about him, it could turn into one of those dog memoirs. That’s exactly what happened to me. Charlie: A Love Story, about my Golden Retriever Charlie, just had to be told. It’s about his specialness and the extraordinary relationship he and I had. When he was eleven years old and started having some health problems, writing about him became essential to me, and for the next three years, I just kept writing about him. Eventually I realized that what I was writing was not only Charlie’s day-to-day story but his dog memoir.

At the time Charlie took ill, I actually had been keeping a gardening journal while landscaping my property in Malibu, California. But as Charlie and I fought his illnesses, I found myself writing more and more about him and less and less about the garden.

I think Charlie: A Love Story is different than other dog memoirs, most of which I’ve read from cover to cover. Charlie’s dog memoir is mostly about him. Not too many side stories, and certainly not long ones. Except the one about Barney, Charlie’s pack mate Golden Retriever, whom I rescued. The story of Barney and that rescue is about eight pages long. But for the most part in Charlie: A Love Story, Charlie stays at the center, unlike most dog memoirs I’ve read. Charlie’s dog memoir does not try to hit you over the head with some ethical or moral point about dogs. It’s purely and simply about him and how he courageously and determinedly faces his life. And while Charlie’s dog memoir is very much about Charlie’s and my special bond, the focus is on Charlie and his strong, unforgettable character. Charlie was my muse, and when you read about him, I think you’ll also be inspired. And find him unforgettable.

So while Charlie’s story is another addition to the growing number of dog memoirs, I think you’ll find it quite different than other dog memoirs. Let me know.