Dog Stories – A Heartfelt Phenomenon of Our Time

Dog Stories have become quite popular over the last ten years. Many dog stories are being told as memoirs, subjective and heartfelt, as though the authors were talking about very significant people in their lives.

I’ve told one of these dog stories – Charlie: A Love Story. I’d always wanted to write a book, but it wasn’t until Charlie, one of my Golden Retrievers, came into my life that I felt inspired to do so. He was my muse. The words flowed when it came to him. Charlie: A Love Story is about Charlie’s indomitable spirit, his joyful nature, our very profound love for one another, and when faced with health problems later in life, how he courageously met those challenges and lived far beyond his breed’s life expectancy. Charlie lived his life to the fullest, and it was wonderful to be part of that. You can click on the following link to find out more about him and our relationship:

As a psychotherapist and sociologist, I’ve given a lot of thought to the recent increase in popularity of dogs and dog stories and why dogs are being treated more and more like family members. I think one explanation may be that many people feel alienated in today’s technological society, which has become so utterly dependent on machines, particularly the computing devices (desktops, laptops, blackberries, iphones) that we use to communicate with one another. We are creatures of the earth, a part of nature. In a very real sense, machines have cut us off from our roots.

Animals, particularly dogs and cats, help us find our way back. They remind us of what’s important in life. They love to be outside in nature, their needs are simple and basic, they are happy most of the time, and we have to communicate with them on their level. Dog stories help us do this vicariously.

As we keep advancing technologically, the popularity of dogs will most likely continue, and with that, the demand for more dogs stories. Stories that are heartfelt and that put us back in touch with our real selves. Writing about Charlie did that for me. I hope reading Charlie: A Love Story will do that for you.