Extraordinary Family Dogs? Paws Down, It’s The Golden Retriever!

When I think about the best family dogs, my dog lover mind lands firmly on Golden Retrievers. Goldens have an open-hearted love for all, most particularly their families. My book Charlie: A Love Story is about Charlie, one of my Golden Retrievers, with whom I was extremely close, and who loved his whole family more than anyone or anything else. I considered Charlie one of the great family dogs. When we first brought him home at thirteen weeks, we could barely get him to leave the house. He wouldn’t go for walks unless his whole family was by his side. And when we rescued a Sheltie, Charlie immediately understood that she was to be part of our family, and he protected her. To learn more about Charlie: A Love Story, you can click on the following link: charliealovestory.com.

So what is it about Golden Retrievers that makes them such ideal family dogs? As pups, they are more than rambunctious, and their puppyhood lasts longer than most breeds – perhaps the longest. This may not be for everyone, but it definitely works for me. What else makes them great family dogs? If you have children, it’s ideal. Goldens are joyful and bring that joy from family member to family member. They don’t leave anyone out, including other pets you may have. More than anything, Goldens work to be part of the family, to fit in. And they do this not just as puppies but for their whole lives. They have that uncanny ability to anticipate what’s needed and try to help. Extraordinary family dogs? Paws down, it’s Golden Retrievers.

The qualities that make Golden Retrievers exceptional family dogs at the same time make them not the best dogs for protection. That open-hearted love for all may not be the best quality if a stranger is found in your house. I say invest in a good security system and keep the Golden Retrievers, because, by far, they are the most wonderful family dogs.