Golden Retriever Gifts – Some Suggestions

What are the best Golden Retriever gifts? I’ve had lots of Goldens. I love the breed – it’s my favorite. So much so that I’ve written a book, Charlie: A Love Story, about one of these magnificent dogs. I did everything I could to make him happy. He was a gift.

So what do Goldens love? Easy: something in their mouths. The best Golden Retriever gifts are things that, deep down, remind them of their heritage. And they are mouthy dogs – whatever you do, be sure to have things for them to put in their mouths. If you don’t, they will grab whatever they find around the house – perhaps your shoes, or your towels – and think you’ll be pleased when they bring these things to you. What THEY consider Golden Retriever gifts!

Some of the best Golden Retriever gifts, from my experience, are stuffed animal toys – ones that are big enough for their mouths to wrap around. Soft, plush toys – for example, one that looks like a multi-colored duck and that quacks when squeezed. You should give your Golden new toys regularly – at least once a month. Old toys get boring after a while.

What else do these magnificent dogs love to put in their mouths? Balls – any kind, but particularly if made of soft and squishy rubber. And if your Golden likes to play ball, be sure to do that with him or her at least a little every day. Not all Goldens are ball players – Charlie wasn’t. But all my other Goldens have been and are. Barney, my Golden Retriever who lived for almost thirteen years, loved to play ball right to the end, even when he could barely stand. He was the best ball player I’ve ever known. Great paw-eye coordination.

Most importantly, Golden Retrievers are very people-loving, family-loving dogs, so the greatest of all Golden Retriever gifts you can give them is you. They love you. And they love being with you – you’re their world. My guess is that, from their point of view, the greatest Golden Retriever gifts are the ones where you spend hours, days, as much time as is possible with them. I assure you that these gifts have many rewards for you, too. Give that Golden a big kiss for me!

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