Towards the Day When Golden Retrievers and Cancer Are Not Linked

I love Golden Retrievers. I love everything about them. I’m even ok with all their fur around the house – a little more vacuuming, that’s all. It’s the Golden Retrievers and cancer part I don’t like. Golden Retrievers and cancer is a fact – this beautiful breed of dogs is prone to cancer.

I’ve written a book, Charlie: A Love Story, about one of my Golden Retrievers, who lived to the age of fourteen years despite developing melanoma at age ten. The book tells of the last three years of Charlie’s life, our once-in-a-lifetime connection, and how he and I and the rest of his family cared for him through his illness.

Those last three years were not all about cancer. Charlie was happy, for the most part, and he had an indomitable spirit, which I’m certain helped him in confronting his life’s obstacles. The way he did that showed so much about his character. Charlie was an inspiration. He put up a brilliant fight, and as long as he wanted to do that, my husband and I and our wonderful, compassionate, and competent veterinarian, Dr. Robert Olds, fought right along with him. You can find out more about Charlie: A Love Story by clicking on the following link: .

Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. While Golden Retrievers and cancer is a fact of life, there’s a lot you can do to care for your wonderful Golden and give him or her the best life possible, despite the fact that Golden Retrievers and cancer is still an unfortunate link. Omega-3 fish oil, for one, is a very important supplement to add to your Golden’s food. Also, try to keep your Golden happy and their stress level down – they are such emotional dogs.

I love this breed of dog so much. I love all dogs, but after I got my first Golden, I knew I could never be without at least one, no matter what they’re prone to. I’m hoping that one day soon, Golden Retrievers and cancer will have nothing to do with each other.