The Good Family Dog That’s As Good As Golden

Looking for a good family dog? Look no further: it’s the Golden Retriever. I’ve loved dogs my whole life, and I’ve had dogs most of my life – different breeds, but mostly Goldens. I’ve studied dogs. I’ve read volumes about dogs. I subscribe to dog magazines and journals and catalogues. I go up to every dog I see on the street. And I truly believe there is no better family dog than the Golden.

I’ve written a book, Charlie: A Love Story, about one of my Goldens. In my book, you can see not only that Charlie was a good family dog, but also that he and I created one of the best relationships I’ve ever had. Charlie was my sidekick, my confidante, my buddy, the being who tuned into me, the being who healed lots of my loneliness from childhood.

Charlie was not just a good family dog – he was a great family dog, the core of our family. More than anything, he wanted to be with, loved, and had an undying loyalty for his family, including the cats as well as the dogs and people. We all loved Charlie so much. We helped him fight his battle with melanoma, which he fought so courageously and hard that he beat the odds and lived to the age of fourteen years, to the surprise of everyone, including me. That dog had an iron will. I’ve never seen such determination. And while he fought that battle, he continued to spread the joy and laughter that was always part of him. Charlie was such a miracle that calling him a good family dog seems like an understatement.

If you want a loving, joyful, playful, and essentially good family dog, then the Golden is really the dog for you. But don’t take my word for it. Go meet a Golden for yourself. Talk to Golden owners, call the Golden Retriever Club of America. After you do, I can almost guarantee you that you’ll want a Golden and that, once you’ve had one, you’ll want another and another and another…

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