Will Charlie: A Love Story Be Considered One of The Great Dog Stories?

There are so many dog stories. But what makes for great dog stories? For me, great dog stories have to be about dogs with lots of character and about the very close, deep, and special bonds that develop between dogs and humans. Great dog stories provide life lessons and touch the heart. Great dog stories are filled with joy, with perhaps a miracle here and there. Great dog stories also usually have some sadness, because dogs’ lives are so short. I think my book Charlie: A Love Story has all these qualities and makes for yet another one of the great dog stories.

Because I love dogs so much, because they are so close to my heart, it was easy to write a story about Charlie, one of my Golden Retrievers. He epitomized the kind of dog I wanted when I was younger. My parents wouldn’t let me have a dog, but that didn’t stop me from fantasizing, dreaming about the kind of dog I wanted. A loyal dog. A dog who would be my best buddy who could tune in to me. An affectionate, emotionally smart dog. And a dog who would protect me.

When Charlie came along, I felt my childhood dreams coming true. And I was so inspired by him that his story came pouring out of me. I hope Charlie: A Love Story is considered one of the great dog stories, because Charlie was one of the great dogs.

To find out more about Charlie: A Love Story, you can click on the following link: charliealovestory.com.