Getting Comfort From Grief Books

Grief books can be a great source of comfort not only after you’ve lost a loved one but also if you are anticipating losing a loved one. I’ve written one of these grief books, Charlie: A Love Story, not because I set out to do that, but because I needed to write about my Golden Retriever, Charlie, beginning when he got older and was diagnosed with melanoma. I wrote about how, with great courage and an indomitable will, he defied the odds and went on to live to the age of fourteen years, well beyond his breed’s life expectancy. I wrote also about the joy he spread in these last years and the depth of my relationship with him. And of course, I wrote about how much I loved him – that he was my best friend, confidante, buddy, and the being who had helped heal my loneliness from childhood.

Charlie and I had a very close, strong, deep bond, and while he is no longer here physically, he lives on in my heart and mind. And I think Charlie: A Love Story not only contributes to the burgeoning genre of grief books but also provides comfort and support to anyone who has lost a being they truly loved. As a psychotherapist who specializes in relationships, I have found that people often are as upset over the loss of a pet as of a human. In fact, sometimes the grief over the loss of the pet is worse. Dogs are great beings. They’re devoted, loyal, loving, and joyful. And they’re dependent on us for their care and, ultimately, their too short lives. All of these factors and more make it particularly hard to lose a beloved dog.

I hope that in Charlie: A Love Story you will find comfort and support, that it will be one of the grief books you turn to in your time of need. Years ago, when I lost my beautiful Mandy, another Golden Retriever, and I needed some comfort, I found one of these grief books, Arthur Vanderbilt’s Golden Days: Memories of a Golden Retriever, that helped me so much. It really was a comfort to sit quietly and read someone else’s story about how they coped with their loss. I’m hoping Charlie: A Love Story will do the same for you.

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