Love Pets, And Find Happiness

Who wouldn’t love pets? How can you not love pets? Those little beings that find their way into your heart. For me, it’s dogs – I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like. And most of them I love. Those soulful eyes, that enthusiasm, that joy, that ability to live in the nanosecond. Dogs are pure, loving beings. No hidden agendas, and they are the only species that has bonded with humans – man’s best friend, and woman’s too. These basic characteristics make dogs a magnet for me. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been going up to any dog I see.

I love pets, and especially dogs, so much that I’ve written a book about my Golden Retriever Charlie: Charlie: A Love Story. I’m a psychotherapist and specialize in relationships, and every day brings probably enough for a small book, or at least some short stories. But it was Charlie who inspired me to write a book – about him and our life together, about his needs and wants as he got older, about the decisions that had to be made to give him the best life possible, about the fun vacation we had as a family when he was just about ready to turn fourteen, and more. Charlie was my muse. He’s added so much to my life, and now that includes an entire book. To find out more about Charlie: A Love Story, you can click on the following link:

Loving pets has enriched my life. And I think that happens for most people. If nothing else, to love pets gets people to think about someone other than themselves. It’s a simple formula: to love pets forces people to care for beings other than themselves, and that has been shown to be one of the behaviors most beneficial for happiness. And if you choose a dog, you’ll be blessed with the most perfect being on the planet (especially, in my opinion, if you choose a Golden Retriever).