Older Dogs Save the Best for Last

We can count ourselves lucky when our dogs become older dogs. Not just because of all the time we get to have with them, but also because of who these older dogs become. As older dogs, those soulful eyes become even more so, and older dogs acquire a dignity that is nowhere to be found when they are puppies.

I’ve written a book about the later years of one of these older dogs. It’s called Charlie: A Love Story, and it’s about Charlie, one of my Golden Retrievers. Even though he had health issues, Charlie revealed a wisdom and a strength of character that was even more indomitable as he got older.

And Charlie always had a great sense of humor, which he retained throughout his life. He loved to clown around and make people laugh, especially me. On walks, he would just sit when and where he thought the walk should end. Wouldn’t budge unless I indicated we were going back home. He was so strong and so big that, if he didn’t want to move, I could not move him. And then I’d start laughing, and then I certainly couldn’t move him.

Because they’ve been with you for so long, older dogs often become more in tune with you. As Charlie got older, he grew to understand better and better what would make me laugh, even what would make me just feel good. When he’d do those things and I’d laugh or smile, I could see him get a kick out of himself. If he’d throw his big paw in the air to ask for something, not only would I laugh, but it would warm my heart.

When Charlie became older, it was a joy to take him to a veterinarian. He was always so appropriate and calm. Sat quietly and waited his turn, was appropriately friendly to everyone, and dealt courageously with whatever needed to be done.

Oh, I’ll never forget Charlie, and I don’t think you will, either. And I hope Charlie: A Love Story will contribute to fostering a newfound respect and admiration for these older dogs – these wise and gentle beings, who still have so much to give.

To find out more about Charlie: A Love Story, you can click on the following link: charliealovestory.com.