Pet Advice Sometimes Comes in a Good Story

Where can you find good pet advice? Well, in a lot of places. The internet has lots of good pet advice. Your veterinarian has good pet advice. So do other dedicated pet owners, as well as journals, magazines, catalogues and more. And sometimes good pet advice comes in a book, in a story.

In Charlie: A Love Story, my book about my deep, close relationship with Charlie, one of my Golden Retrievers, there’s good pet advice woven throughout. The book is in the form of a journal written over a three year period and shows in detail what I did for Charlie. You’ll find out how I cared for him after his melanoma diagnosis at age ten and some of the things that I think helped Charlie live a long, full life, far beyond his breed’s life expectancy of ten to twelve years. There’s lots of pet advice about not only his physical care but also his psychological care – how to keep him happy. As a psychotherapist, I find the psychological aspect of pet care particularly important – especially for Golden Retrievers, who are such emotionally astute dogs.

In Charlie: A Love Story, you’ll also find out how I handled decisions that had to be made regarding whether to perform surgery, the use of alternative medicine –supplements – that I sometimes relied on, special diet, and so much more. Also what I did for myself that helped me care for Charlie. You’ll even hear a story about a dog that I rescued and all that that entails.

So in Charlie: A Love Story, in addition to an inspirational, compelling story, there’s lots of pet advice that I think you will find helpful. If you’re like me, you can’t get enough advice about the care of your beloved pet, whose life and well-being you are entrusted with.

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