Pet Loss Support in My Story of Charlie

Pet loss support comes in many forms. For real pet lovers, losing your beloved pet can be a devastating experience. In my book Charlie: A Love Story, you can see how I, a psychotherapist, was affected when I lost Charlie, my Golden Retriever of fourteen years and the pet loss support that helped me. It was so difficult to believe that that joyful, loyal, loving being was no longer alive. And how quickly our time together went. Even if your pet lives a long, full life, as Charlie did, it’s always too short.

Some kind of pet loss support is so important when you’re grieving about having lost your pet. In fact, that support is essential. In Charlie: A Love Story, I describe the support that helped me. Of course, keeping a journal and writing about Charlie were extremely helpful. Memorializing him also helped. And pet loss support can be found in many other places, such as in talking to friends and family, in counseling, in support groups, and in books.

As a psychotherapist, one of my most important functions is to help people deal with loss of all kinds. I’ve counseled numerous people about the loss of their beloved pet. Such a loss can be just as overwhelming, and sometimes more so, than the loss of a loved person.

If you are experiencing the loss of a pet and are looking for pet loss support, my hope is that you will find some support and comfort by reading Charlie: A Love Story. Yes, there’s sadness in his story, but even more so there’s also inspiration.