Counting Myself Amongst Those Crazy Pet Lovers

I’ve always been one of those crazy pet lovers. Pet lovers used to be considered odd, eccentric. But now it’s fashionable to be one. And this pet lover is totally, unequivocally obsessed with dogs. So much so that I’ve written a book, Charlie: A Love Story, about my beautiful Golden Retriever Charlie, who lived for fourteen glorious years. My book is about Charlie’s and my profoundly deep relationship, his courageous and iron-willed battle with melanoma, and the joy and laughter he gave me throughout his life.

As a little girl, much to the dismay of my mother, I made friends with all dogs, even mean ones. As hard as they tried, no one in my family could get me to stay away from any dog. I so wanted a dog when I was younger, but my parents always said no – too much work. Instead they got me a goldfish and seven parakeets.

Because I was one of those avid pet lovers as a child, I did become quite attached to one of my parakeets, Lovey, who lived for thirteen years. He was the smartest bird I’d ever known. He followed me. He talked. He went into his cage when I asked him to. We kissed. Lovey definitely helped with my yearning for a dog. But because I was obsessed with dogs, it didn’t stop that longing for a dog.

Needless to say, after leaving home and at the first opportunity to get a dog, I did, and I’ve had dogs in my home ever since: an Afghan Hound, a Cairn Terrier mix, a Shetland Sheepdog. But mostly I’ve had Golden Retrievers. And while I love and have loved all my dogs, I realize now that it was a dog like Charlie that I’d longed for as a child. And so Charlie: A Love Story is about a dream coming true. I hope you enjoy it. If you’re one of those pet lovers who love dogs, I think you will. I loved writing it, mostly because of my once-in-a-lifetime love for him.

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