The Joy and the Responsibility of Being Pet People

In this country alone, pet people spend more than forty billion dollars a year on their pets. That’s a lot of love and caring for pets. But it’s more than just the money with pet people. It’s about a great love affair that’s going on between them and their pets. All kinds of pets – birds, rabbits, and cats, but for me, especially dogs. I’m one of those pet people who adore dogs.

I’ve written a book, Charlie: A Love Story, about my one of my wonderful Golden Retrievers. It’s about when Charlie was older, about all that went into caring for him, and all that I got from caring for him, and the deep, magnificent relationship between us, and oh so much more. To find out more about Charlie: A Love Story, you can click on the following link: .

Pet people will often go to extraordinary lengths for their pets, particularly when it comes to their pet’s health. I know. But there may be a point where too much high-tech medicine may not be in the best interest of the pet. In Charlie: A Love Story, I had to make a number of decisions regarding Charlie’s health care, and my overriding concern was always to do what was in Charlie’s best interest. After lots of research and consultation, I made the final decisions, because I knew him better than anyone else. From my perspective, the use of high-tech medicine often would have conflicted with Charlie’s quality of life.

I am one of millions of pet people, people who love their pets like family, and I am acutely aware that along with that joy comes the great responsibility of giving the pets we love, beings who are totally dependent on us, the best care possible. Fortunately, I think that most pet people, willingly and lovingly, take that job very seriously.