Pet Support—Good Pet Support Begins with a Good Veterinarian

An essential part of caring for your wonderful pet is to have good pet support. And the most important step in getting that good pet support is finding a good veterinarian: one who is smart, loves pets, and makes decisions based on the pet’s best interests.

For example, in my book Charlie: A Love Story, about my Golden Retriever Charlie and our very special and deep relationship, I describe how, when Charlie reached eleven years old, he started having some health problems. As he and our family dealt with those problems, Charlie’s primary veterinarian, Dr. Robert Olds, provided extremely competent and compassionate medical support, for Charlie as well as exceptional psychological support for my husband and me. Dr. Olds’ pet support was invaluable.

When it came time to make a tough decision about Charlie, I would often ask Dr. Olds what he would do if Charlie were his dog. He always told me, openly and honestly, and that helped me so much with the decision. And if Dr. Olds did not know something, he encouraged my husband and me to consult with another veterinarian, usually a specialist, and then after we did that, we’d go over with Dr. Olds what we learned in that consultation. You can find out more about what that pet support was like by clicking on the following link: .

Dr. Olds has been our veterinarian for over twenty years. I don’t know what I’ll do if and when he retires. He’s almost part of our family, and I know he cares about each of us.

It makes me happy to think that all of Charlie’s long and beautiful life was cared for by Dr. Olds, who also wrote the foreword to Charlie: A Love Story.