Let’s Clarify What’s Meant By Smartest Dogs

Speaking of the smartest dogs, I think they’re all smart. But like people, dogs are smart in different ways. Are they the smartest dogs emotionally, analytically? Are they the smartest dogs athletically? I’ve loved and studied dogs my whole life, and I’ve lived with different breeds. From my experience, let me tell you about two dogs I think would be considered among the smartest.

Charlie, one of my Golden Retrievers, about whom I’ve written a book, Charlie: A Love Story, was the emotionally smartest dog I have ever known. When my back was out and I was in pain lying on the floor, he would lie with me or do something to make me laugh. When he was diagnosed with melanoma at age ten and needed lots of medical attention, he calmly and coolly dealt with every vet visit and every surgery. There wasn’t a situation in which he didn’t know how to behave.

I believe that Charlie’s emotional intelligence and very strong will were essential assets in his courageous battle with melanoma. One of the smartest dogs? I’d say! I think Goldens are the smartest dogs emotionally. But I think Charlie was even more so. To learn more about Charlie: A Love Story, you can click on the following link: charliealovestory.com.

Then there was Simon. A Cairn Terrier mix. Anyone who met him thought he was one of the smartest dogs they’d ever been with. My first dog, he lived sixteen years, and he had an analytical intelligence second to no dog. Simon and I lived together when I was a flight attendant. No other flight attendant I met was able to keep a dog – they would try, but the dog couldn’t or wouldn’t get used to the schedule.

Not the case with Simon – he figured it out. While I would be gone for two to three days at a time, Simon would have to stay inside our apartment by himself. He would relieve himself on the papers I left. He paced himself with his food. He found all the biscuits I hid. He never chewed or destroyed anything. According to Simon’s veterinarian, Simon understood my schedule, knew what was expected of him, and was one of the smartest dogs he’d ever seen.

Charlie and Simon were both extremely smart dogs, but in very different ways. Which are the smartest dogs? What kind of intelligence are you looking for?