Learning About Life from the Life of a Dog

Dog’s lives are so short. But the life of a dog can be filled with lots of wonderful (and some not so wonderful) experiences. Like the life of a person, the life of a dog has its high points and its low points. Often, the life of a dog can be inspirational. My book Charlie: A Love Story, about my Golden Retriever Charlie, celebrates the life of a dog who, while he developed melanoma at the age of ten, nonetheless exceeded his breed’s life expectancy of ten to twelve years and had a wonderful, full life.

I thought that the melanoma diagnosis was it, but Charlie proved me wrong, overcoming one health obstacle after another. As I watched Charlie’s indomitable will and his joyous spirit in action, I learned so much from him. The way he faced his life was inspirational. With dignity and grace, he calmly dealt with whatever life threw at him.

We humans can learn so much from the life of a dog. Dogs live in the moment, give unconditional love, are loyal, let their instincts guide them, don’t have hidden agendas, and are happy most of the time. They thrive on love, love to play, and there is so much more. The people we like the most usually have many of these qualities.

I believe that dogs are the greatest gifts we as humans have been given, so the life of a dog is special. They have placed themselves in our care, are dependent on us. And yet, they see their main job as protecting us. At times, they will lay down their lives for us. They give so much, yet they ask for so little. For this alone, the life of a dog – each and every dog – deserves the best that we can give.

To find out more about Charlie: A Love Story, you can click on the following link: charliealovestory.com.